Trapped or Treasures?

TRAPPED, OR TREASURES? : CHILDREN, DADS, DANGER  His daughter said, “Dad, help. I’m bombarded in college with questions and temptations.”

He said with deep emotion, “Kurt, help. I  prepared my daughter for everything… except this… Her life is at stake. I am not able to help her. I need help with these issues myself.”

Ginger and I saw many needless casualties when we served in campus ministries 1974-82.      Many assumed these nice kids from nice homes were prepared for questions and temptations.          Those assumptions led to captivity for many. With no solid convictions and no vital relationship with God, many were trapped by cultural deception.Why were they so easily taken captive? Hundreds of interviews with Dads and students have made it plain to us. 90% of those interviewed said, “No one ever asked me…They assumed I am clear and strong…” “No one has revealed my shallowness. No one has offered to help me in practical ways… No one has equipped me to help others like me.”