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December 2016 Ministry Partner Letter!



December 2016 Prayer Letter

45 Men at a recent "Rock Solid Reality Conference" getting trained!

Max and his family escaped Somalia and became US citizens several years ago. They also became citizens of heaven. Neighbors shared God’s love and the Good News with them. They were baptized, joined Bella Vista Church. Max has been praying to be equipped to reach others. “I want you to mentor me so I can share these things with others.” He is now in the mentoring process, and recently attended the RSR conference for multipliers.

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February 2016 Prayer Letter

Ginger and I recently celebrated our first date, our first kiss, at Hope College. Who could imagine all that would come from those first steps; ministering with youth and couples, missionaries at campuses in Buffalo NY, Marquette, and Eau Claire, WI, City Ministry in W. Michigan, and beyond… Kids, Grandkids… We also visited a classroom where I met the first guy I ever discipled in 1970. I recalled how I had refused to disciple anyone…

until I read John 12:24, “Unless a kernel of wheat goes into the ground and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies it produces many seeds.” God’s word cut through my resistance. I knew I had to die to some things in order to bring life to others. At midnight I surrendered to God’s call to make disciples. The very next morning Dave introduced himself and asked, “Do know where I could find a Bible Study?”

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February 2016 Prayer Praise Updates


OPEN DOORS: COMING OUT FROM THE CAVE, FROM MEDICAL AND MONETARY TO MORE MINISTRY : I feel like a bear coming out from his cave after hibernation ; I'm still a little weak and woozy, but I am hungry! Hungry for a deeper walk with God, for fruitfully serving and enjoying Him. Hungry to enjoy more life.


7 PRAYER TARGETS,scriptures, details 2 Thessalonians 3:1, 2 .. Brothers, pray for us that the message may spread rapidly and be honored...and pray that we may be delivered... Would you pray f or God to stir our hearts, and many others ,That He’d "hit us on the head" in these 7 areas?

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December 2015 Prayer Letter

God is opening doors for 2016.    2nd, 3rd and 4th generations are poised for more fruitful ministry.

We are revising our entire outreach and discipleship process and tools (January ’16 Prayer Letter)

 But these will be greatly affected by the next 15 days. This is way beyond any solutions I can produce.


1.  Our hearts, bodies, extended families, experiencing the fear of the Lord and His favor

2.  Increasing fruit, here, around the world, Overflowing resources for life, ministry,

3. That people would sense HIS call to pray for us, to invest in our ministry. (See “Ministry Partner Info”)

4. That these resources would come in fully and soon so we can begin 2016 with no delays

(We have not had a full paycheck since Oct.9)

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August 2015 Prayer Letter


TRAINING: 6/13-16 Ginger and I equipped 15 counselors/staff at Gitche Gumee Bible Camp.


TROUBLES: June 17- July 31, Hospitals, Surgeries, Recovering 6/17-19, Calumet and Marquette Hospitals,


TRUST: Now I feel the pain of cancelled summer plans, the challenges of a long recovery, and big changes for this fall.


THANK YOU for "sharing in our troubles." Please join us in trusting Him to give wisdom, strength, healing, help, for:

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May 2014 Prayer Letter

To those who pray and sacrifice for Kurt and Ginger and their ministry: God is working through Kurt to bring our men's ministry to a new, fresh level of the most important of all things: how to be a disciple of Jesus and how to make disciples of others. My men have greater clarity of who God is, what the Bible is and says, and how we were lost but now saved. Kurt's deep love of The Lord and people, his devotion to prayer, his wacky sense of humor and his great ability to communicate the Bible in a "down-to-earth" manner are helping so many of our men (of all ages) make serious and significant gains in their Christian walk. I assumed that our men had "the basics" clear in their minds and hearts. I'm finding out that this was not the case in many. So when they are clear, I'm watching a new level of joy and confidence and openness to growing in their faith like I've not seen before.

Brian Bosscher, Sr. Pastor, Hillcrest CRC

Matt. 9:35-38 “Ask the Lord of the harvest to raise up laborers for His harvest.”

Matt. 28:18-20… “Based on MY greatness…Go and make disciples… of all nations…”


God is raising up laborers and disciple makers at Hillcrest Church


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December 2013 Prayer Letter


YOU are among God’s greatest gifts to us

Your prayers unleash protection and provision in our lives. Your encouragement helps us focus on others, and not our own needs. Your participation in His mission with us multiplies our effectiveness. Your giving provides everything for salary, ministry, medical and retirement.

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Kurt & Ginger 1974

We appreciate you so much! In 2014, we celebrate 40 years in marriage and ministry.

November 2013 Prayer Letter



Thank you to those who support Cru City, Kurt and Ginger. God worked through Destined to answer our prayers. We’ve long wanted to serve the Lord in ministry together. Our marriage has matured. We’ve grown closer to each other and the Lord as we have applied the Word to our lives. I have been able to lead my men's group through it. We’ll be leading our small group through Destined also. We’re excited about the changes in our own walk with the Lord. But it is so fulfilling to see growth in the lives of others.. Seeing their “lights go on” is awesome! A newer Christian who viewed the “Courageous” movie asked me, "Is that it? Is that all there is to being a Christian?" He saw in the Destined Process the “more about God” he was looking for. He just completed it. Now he wants to go through it again so he can teach his wife and kids. Thank You for helping us to be equipped with the Word of God in a way that can be easily presented to the world by someone who feels completely unqualified.

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Exploring Hidden Treasures, Hidden Dangers… Series;

Bella Vista Church, Thursdays, 7 - 8:45pm, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 11/7

Designed for men, and their sons, 13 and older.

The great adventure of daily discovering that God is greater than we ever thought.

Emphasis on teamwork, active learning, experiencing and sharing these treasures, not just a class.

More Here

October 2013 Prayer Letter

Spiritual Survival Pack; Transferable to next generations


THEY GIVE HOPE TO OTHERS… Life, Fruit Tony; 9/14,15 Foundation For Hope Event. These youth and their caretakers face enormous challenges, physically, emotionally, and financially. FFH provides an outstanding hunting opportunity, all expenses paid. Tony and I also offered them a “Spiritual Survival Pack”. Most eagerly pursued these, some with tears of gratitude.


Bruce; Was able to help two 9th grade boys understand what “Savior” means, and personally receive the Living Savior.


Terry, Was able to ask his small group, “What foundations will you build your life upon?” and offer helpful resources.


Dan; Will be speaking at Men of Valor, asking, “Do we really understand ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory?’ ” Impacting 100 men.


Mike; 9/21, Men’s Adventure Event, (55 men) Inspiration, Good News, friendships. Used some ideas from Ready, Aim, Fire event.


Ginger; Melissa, Retreats, mentoring, leadership for women’s

FUEL FOR THE FIRE: Your support is like fuel for a rescue helicopter. We can be where most needed because you supply our salary, ministry and medical resources.

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August 2013 Prayer Letter

This morning Tom said, "For many years as an active church member, I was six inches from Heaven....




Why does this matter?... CASUALTIES!


Reversing the cycle; Humble help for leaders and beyond!

More Here

June 2013 Prayer Letter

Jesus went to the heart of the problems, not just symptoms.


How can you and I, and our loved ones, communities and others around the world have hearts more changed like these people?


Dawn had been trained, certified to restore someone’s life with CPR. But she couldn’t save her own life. Bad decisions led toward danger and destruction. When she attended the “Destined for Security” group at Crossfire, she learned how Jesus could save and restore her.


Absalom and Melissa are hungry to be more effective in equipping others with Destined for Security. They met with Ginger and me for “coaches’ equipping”, then served those at Crossfire Wednesday nights.


Dan G mentors Travis, who mentors Josh, from Asia. God is changing their lives, and bearing so much fruit through them and others in several generations of discipleship, far beyond theory.

More Here

February 2013 Prayer Letter

Malachi 4:6 His preaching will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers… Otherwise I will strike the land with a curse.

God wants to restore fathers and children. The most powerful factor for men in prison? Not social standing or race. 90% of men in prison have a father who is broken or absent. God’s solution for violence and crime? Restored hearts. How does He do this? Spiritual coaching, Mentoring.  

More here

December 2012 Prayer Letter

The true heart of Christmas has never been so important. His name shall be called,Immanuel; God with us… “I will come INTO him… “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Christ IN you, the hope of glory… I chose and appointed you .., I will bear fruit THROUGH you… 30, 60, 100 fold… But who really understands “God with us”, “Christ in us”?

Two examples: Last week I saw one wife weep. She and her husband are not experiencing “God with us”. Their family could be destroyed because she and “Bart” are not clear about “Christ in us”. Last week he asked for help. ”I want you to help me rebuild the very foundations of my life. I want to learn how to bring blessing, not destruction upon my family.”  More here


18 Men, Discipleship Retreat, 4 Generations, Multiplying Impact

November 2012 Prayer Letter

(legal size 653 kb)  Adobe PDF

Twice the Fire and Fruit:

What happened since you prayed for the "September Surge?"


You deserve to know why it was so worth it to humble ourselves and ask you to pray for those special needs.


BUT, you prayed, AND God delivered, HE doubled the fruit!


HE stirred people to give


HE stirred people to seek Him


HE increased the fire and fruit


TWICE what we would expect in one month!


September 2012 Prayer Letter

*** Includes an Encouraging Letter from Pastors Keith, Judy, Dean and Joanne

August 2012 Prayer Letter

June 2012 Prayer Letter

Happy Birthday to Dad (Curt) June 2012

April 2012 Prayer Letter

February 2012 Prayer Letter

December 2011 Prayer Letter

October 2011 Prayer Letter




July/August 2010 Prayer Letter

(legal size 441 kb)  Adobe PDF

Just today, Larry S. described God’s work through John and his family:

“We met John and his family while camping in Ludington in 2009. We could see Christ in their family, Ryan’s singing, their friends,  how they encouraged my wife Lynn, me and our daughter Tori. After a few months John helped Lynn and me with our questions and doubts. He used “Destined” to help us  understand how to really trust Christ as Savior….


May 2010 Prayer Letter

(legal size 370 kb)  Adobe PDF

OUTREACH: Lance Brew Benefit, sharing Rescued story

So many people attended, that 40 people had to stand up most of the time. Their attentiveness during the Rescued story was amazing, many wiping tears from their faces. They took every “Rescued” CD and “Target/Treasure” CD we brought, and dozens of booklets. One couple said with deep emotion, “We really needed to hear this. We want to share the CD with family and friends who really need it.” Many auctioned items raised resources badly needed by the Lance Brew family.  


Jan/Feb/Mar 2010 Prayer Letter

(legal size 351 kb)  Adobe PDF

GOD HAS BEEN WORKING; Outreach, Equipping, Remembering, Trials

Outreach: The Catch of a Lifetime! Joe; seeking, saved, growing

We called him “Jeff” in our September letter. Joe was in distress when he went on a charter with Capt. Dan Keating. But he was so eager to know about the gospel that Dan said, “Holy salmon! This guy is interested! How can I share the good news with him?” Joe next attended a Men’s Breakfast in September where he described Dan’s impact in his life… almost ready to receive Christ.



Key Note Speaker - Steve Sonderman, Full time men’s ministry leader at Elm Brook Church for over 18 years. Steve knows how to reach out to Men…. Steve will also be doing one of the breakout sessions on Temptation.  We will have over 16 other speakers and breakout sessions during the day. See Topics and Speakers Below. Come yourself or bring a group of men from your church to jump start your men’s ministry. Cost is only $25 for conference, materials and lunch.


Kurt Loosenort will be a break-out speaker on

"Life Changing Discipleship and Mentoring"



We will explore and interact about questions like these:

1.     MENTORING: How do I keep it simple, “do-able”, personal, and  focused on the Living Savior?
2.     LIFE CHANGE: How can your life be more transformed by making disciples according to Jesus’ blueprint?

3.     GAPS:  What are some crucial elements too often missing from how we make disciples?

4.     FISHING FOR MEN: How can you be more effective in sharing the Good News?
5.     MULTIPLYING:  How can you more effectively share your core convictions through four generations?
You’ll be able to apply these principles in your own personal way and ministry setting.

You can also talk with men who will describe how God is changing lives using PROVEN, EFFECTIVE TOOLS, including:

 “Survival/Adventure” and “Destined”. They will invite you to a one-time visit to check one of these out first-hand.

God has been using His mentoring process to change Kurt Loosenort’s life for 40 years.
Kurt has been saying thank you to God by reaching and mentoring others full-time for 36 years. After serving 8 years in campus ministries, Kurt and his wife Ginger moved back to his hometown, Grand Rapids in 1982.  Serving with Lifebuilders W. Michigan,  they have worked with staff teams developing follow up and equipping for events like:

ALIVE ’85, Zig Ziglar, Peter Lowe, Billy Graham, Luis Palau, The Family Life Conferences, Dad The Family Shepherd, Josh McDowell, and with organizations like C.B.M.C., Cornerstone U., WCSG-FM, and many other businesses, churches, and groups.

They have seen God produce fruit in settings of thousands, hundreds, dozens, and especially, face to face ministry. God has worked through  many of these people to reach and equip four generations, here, and around the world. Whether it is with people in a university, an athletic team,  a business, a church, or an outdoor adventure, the message is the same: “God uses spiritual coaching to reach and equip people in life changing ways.”


Location: Corinth Church , 129 – 100th St S.E., Byron Center, Just East off US131 at the 100th Street Exit

More Info and Registration at www.lnmb.org

Full brochure here

Friends of Lance Brew Benefit - March 12th



Click here for the Photo Gallery

Dear Friends of Lance Brew,


We are happy to announce our fund raiser banquet will be held on Friday, March 12th, 2010 at the Sparta Civic Center. The doors open at 6 PM and dinner, (buffet style) will follow at approx. 6:30. If you’re going to be a little late…no problem, we will keep the food warm for you!  Dinner, including beverages, is only $5 per person!


This is going to be a great event with door prizes, silent auction and live auction hosted by Kyle Randall of the Wilderness Journal television show. Auction items will include an Ontario bear hunt, Ontario fishing trip, Pine Bluff Resort vacation on Big Manistique Lake, Charter fishing trip on Lake Michigan, very special hand crafted long bow, and many other great items. Please contact us if you have anything worthwhile to donate for the cause.


We will also feature an incredible tale of survival on Lake Superior by Kurt Loosenort as part of the evening festivities, which will be fast paced, inspirational and a lot of FUN… This will not be a boring fund raiser!!!! We plan on finishing up just after 9PM and promise this will be an unforgettable evening for all involved.


Want to help??

Please contact us with donations for the auction / door prizes.


Thank You!!


Tom Antor 887-2614 / toma@iserv.net

Marty Anderson 822-5811 / manders@fbinsmi.com

Chuck Fussee 696-7356

Jan. 26, 2010

Invite to Pray


I am inviting you to pray with us Wed.,  Jan. 27,  7 pm and /or maybe Wed., Jan. 27, 7  am,. Or any other time that you can pray this week.

 WHAT and WHY: See farther below, and attached, for details on Pray, Scout, Start…


January 11, 2010


Today and last weeks, have  been talking with Tim Jackson, Men’s Ministry Discipleship committee from Ada Bible and Dan Keating, (speaker)  about Dan speaking there

Jan. 22, 6 pm, Wild Game Dinner.

What kinds of outreach  and follow up will God stir up by this event, which may be attended by 400 to 500 men?.

Here again, you may want to a part of these kinds of things.


LifeBuilders West Michigan Ministry Partner Information December 2009

(legal size 249 kb)  Adobe PDF

BIBLICAL BASIS: We are excited to see how God has used "support teams" throughout scriptures and church history.

Imagine being on Jesus’ "support team"…or Paul’s!!

Luke 8:1-3 Jesus began going about…preaching the kingdom of God, the twelve were with Him, and also some women… and many others who were contributing to their support out of their private funds.

Philippians 4:10 How grateful I am and how I praise the Lord that you are helping me again… only you Philippians became my partners in giving and receiving… :16 Even when I was over in Thessalonica you sent help twice More

Ginger, Josh McDowell & Kurt

December 2009 Prayer Letter

(legal size 469 kb)  Adobe PDF

FIREWORKS, AND… CHRISTMAS? As a two year old, Kelly was fascinated with fireworks, and very impressed by powers she thought I had. I would trace the sparks of rising fireworks and point to where they would explode. When things went slower than she liked, she’d grab my arm, lift it high and say, "Do again Daddy! Do again!" She thought I made those powerful things happen. But those explosions of beauty were designed and launched by someone else. I was just fortunate to be near enough to look, point and say, "Wow!   More

September 2009 Prayer Letter

(legal size 222 kb)  Adobe PDF

God worked mightily at CCC National Staff Training He encouraged us by reminding us of how He has worked. We heard reports of His work from all around the world. I was encouraged by people who were students in our CCC ministries like Joe K, Buffalo, NY, 1974, Joe now directs a city ministry in NY, NY. Joe K. I saw others from NMU/MTU,1975-78, U.WI-Eau Claire,1978-82, and Grand Rapids,1982- now. Ross O. was at Counselor Equipping we provided in 2004. Now he is on CCC staff at La Crosse, WI. Ross O. God is bearing fruit much through them as CCC staff and other ministries, here, and all around the world.  More

June 2009 Prayer Letter

(legal size 501 kb)  Adobe PDF

God worked mightily through the new “Survival/Adventure” equipping.

As 16+ men explored the most bedrock issues of our faith, some were saved, assured, cleansed, committed, empowered or clear for the first time on many of these things. Others learned to share these treasured truths with others in a personal way......  More

June 2009 Prayer Letter

(legal size 501 kb)  Adobe PDF

“I WOULDN’T BE ALIVE TODAY, IF YOUR DAD HADN’T LIFTED THE CAR,” Ron Balk said to me and Dad recently at the Men’s Discipleship Conference. When we were 6 years old, our neighbor’s car ran over both of us in his driveway. The big Packard dragged us a ways before trapping us underneath. Bolts from the gas tank bracket were sticking into Ron’s back. His leg was bent backwards, broken and trapped between the tire and wheel well......  More

Ron Balk             Dad Curt                   Kurt

April 2009 Prayer Letter

(legal size 429 kb)  Adobe PDF

Matt. 9:35-38 Jesus saw people like sheep without a shepherd. But Jesus called it a harvest. And told us to pray that God would raise up laborers for the harvest…  More

Reenacting the Rescue

LOST? RESCUED? WHY should I begin a relationship with God?

(61 kb)  Adobe PDF

EXPLORE: Insights from our experience, natural principles, and God’s word

1. Share a story of when… rescued, cured, from life threatening situation…

a. You were rescued or saw someone else rescued

b. Someone who needed to be rescued, but wasn’t.

c. Someone needed to be rescued, but didn't realize it, and.....    More

December 2008 Prayer Letter

(legal size 643 kb)  Adobe PDF


John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God. 1:14 The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.  We have seen His glory…

Jesus. What a Savior! When man reduces God to mere formulas, God says, “Let’s make this personal.“ “You shall name Him Jesus, (Savior)” “His name shall be called, Immanuel, God with us.” “Behold I stand at the door and knock…” “Christ in you, the hope of glory”, Has anyone ever shown himself as powerful and personal as Jesus Christ? When others preach from a safe distance, Jesus touches, heals, transforms, up close and personal. Who else offers salvation from the penalty, power and practice of sin? Who else backs up his claims with prophecies, miracles, death and resurrection?   More

Kurt Kunst in Guatemala

November 2008 Prayer Letter

(legal size 1,946 kb)  Adobe PDF

New Life, New Family

“Thank you for leading me to Christ 20 years ago!” “Now my husband and fi ve children have all received Christ and are living for the Lord.” Debbie introduced herself to me just before our “Survival and Adventure” session. She and her family then explained how they received Christ to the class. She described our equipping at her church 20 years ago. God convicted her that night. She went from being only religious to personal faith in Christ. She introduced us to her husband and children who are now living examples of God working through ordinary people.   More

September 2008 Prayer Letter

(legal size 281 kb)  Adobe PDF

CHANGED LIVES, CHANGED FAMILIES… Derek and Holly Derek and Holly continue to grow since our last letter (where we called them “Adam and Mary”). Their story was featured at Ada Bible Church last week. Derek has now been free from drug abuse for 9 weeks and loves living “sober”. God gave them courage to take many faith steps, including being baptized at the small group from Ada Bible Church. Elder Rob helped set it up, Pastor Jeff did the baptizing, which also included Derek’s Mom, Liza. What powerful testimonies they each shared. The small group showed practical love, and shared wisdom to help them grow. Derek and Holly are back in TX , trying to move away from their former house and temptations,,,,,   More

May 2008 Prayer Letter

(legal size 429kb)  Adobe PDF

4/27/08 a.m. Pastor Joe spoke at Westwood Church about Jesus setting him free from dangerous things. Our neighbor JT, his cousin Nick and friend Kevin could relate to Joe in many ways. He described how God freed him from powerful addictions and a violent, dangerous lifestyle. Joe and Pastor Tom announced their new ministry, Freedom Fellowship, beginning May 1. More

March 2008 Prayer Letter

(legal size 203kb)  Adobe PDF

2 Timothy 2:2 Take the things you have learned from me... God used our staff training to deepen our faith and sharpen ministry effectiveness. Pastor John Meador taught us how discipleship helps us put on the armor of God.

He gave powerful examples of how God has used the Destined mentoring process in his life and church. We heard personal stories from some of 60 people involved in mentoring and how a seminary is asking them to mentor some of their freshmen.

December 2007 Prayer Letter

(legal size 1.3mb)  Adobe PDF

Dec 2007 Quotes from Donors

(legal size 200kb)  Adobe PDF

October 2007 Prayer Letter

(legal size 329kb)  Adobe PDF

September 2007 Prayer Letter

(legal size 330kb)  Adobe PDF

July 2007 Prayer Letter

(legal size 216kb)  Adobe PDF

June 2007 Prayer Letter

(legal size 202kb)  Adobe PDF

April 2007 Prayer Letter

(legal size 210kb)  Adobe PDF

February 2007 Prayer Letter

(legal size 184 kb)  Adobe PDF

November 30th - Letters from the Board

(legal size 173 kb)  Adobe PDF

December 2006 Prayer Letter

(legal size 385 kb)  Adobe PDF

February 2006 Prayer Letter

(legal size 164 kb)  Adobe PDF



Listen to Henry Ditmar the 5th's funeral here


Thank you for praying for 1/26 outreach. Here are some answers:

Jesus said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”

In May, 07, Scott, Dad and I fished with Capt. Dan Keating. God opened doors for an outreach to charter captains and fishermen in Jan. 26,’08. 

300 men came to hear Capt. Dan discuss fishing and faith. Many of these probably would not attend any other type of outreach. They wrote copious notes as he shared great wisdom about catching salmon. They listened with intense interest as Capt. Dan described being trapped in dangerous ways of living. They paid close attention as he described how Jesus saved him.  Just before I approached the stage to present the Good News I learned that our nephew Henry Ditmar 5th was trapped in a car wreck and dying. This added a great deal of heart and passion in communicating the NOW of responding to Jesus’ invitation. Many people seemed to be gripped by their need to settle the issue with God and with each other.

Click here for the whole article (pdf 87kb)


Real Faith

This 24-lesson discipleship process has been used by thousands of people around the country. Many pastors who have desired to become intentional in disciple-making have found Real Faith to be a great pathway for their staff and volunteers.

2 pg Intro             Lesson 2


This four-step discipleship process (25 lessons total) begins with the basics and equips people for a life-time of ministry. Those who go through the process are equipped to disciple someone else.

Jesus: Fact or Fiction

Have you ever had questions about faith you couldn't find answers for? Or has anyone ever asked you a question about your faith that left you speechless?

Jesus: Fact or Fiction also includes the classic JESUS film with fascinating new audio commentary and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. Plus, the "Discovery Glass" ,an interactive version of the JESUS film, enables you to gain insight from experts while you watch


Need Resources?  Visit our Resource page by clicking here

Prayer Partners:  Pray consistently for this life changing ministry. Please sign up below.


How & Why to pray

Download the 59kb guide in acrobat format by right clicking here and selecting "save target as"

View the guide in a new window by clicking here


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