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2017 LifeBuilders West Michigan is now



Survival and Adventure Sessions

All sessions are in PDF format


Session 1 - What Does It Take To Survive?  Am I Ready?  rvsd 4.19.10
Session 2 - How Are My Foundations?  rvsd 4.26.10
Session 3 - Is God Really There?  rvsd 5.4.10
Session 4 - Is The Bible Worthy Of My Trust?  rvsd 5.11b.10
Session 5 - Who Is Jesus Really?  rvsd 5.17.10

Session 6 - Rescued?  Why Do People Call Jesus Savior?

Who Needs a Relationship With God?  rvsd 5.26.10

Session 7 - How Does a Relationship With God Begin?  rvsd 6.9.10
Session 8 - How Does My Relationship With God Grow?  rvsd 7.7.10
Session 9 - How Do All These Things Lead To Living Life To The Full?  rvsd 4.19.10



Why do we need to be equipped?


Click here to read why Pastor Phil of Ada Bible Church thinks "Discipling" is so important and how CRU tools are so effective within small groups.


Watch "the five questions" Preview video below

(5 minute video available from Lifebuildersnet.org)



Read here how an ex-Marine received Christ at a retreat Kurt spoke at.

  We now have DVD's, Audio CD's, Audio Tapes & VHS tapes of the messages below.


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47 Minutes, 108 MB file

Real Men, Dangerous....

How God used the mentoring process to change my life.



     Listen to MP3

32 Minutes, 75 MB file

Do You Understand?

Acts 8: Phillip and the Ethiopian

God's Word: Can I trust it?  Will I treasure it?


     Listen to MP3

48 Minutes, May 5th, 2008


Over 220 men learned about the supremacy of Christ, our identity in Him, the need for fully yielding to him. They were gripped by the benefits of discipleship/spiritual coaching. Marty and Jeff Anderson were living examples of Godís powerful multiplying ministry. Jeffís son Brandonís death in Iraq last year has led to amazing examples of impact around the USA. Brandonís story of faith and fruit has been shared by President Bush, the Farm Bureau magazine, several military honors involving hundreds of soldiers and families, and much more.


But how did it start? Years ago Lance Brew impacted Marty who led Jeff to Christ. Marty and Jeff and youth Pastor Jeff impacted Brandon. Brandonís wife Audrey and their local church deepened Brandonís commitment. He in turn impacted hundreds in his unit and thousands around the USA since his death. The feedback was very positive. More than 24 guys expressed interest in the mentoring process.


Walking Time Bombs / The Danger of Un-confessed sin


   Listen With Windows Media Player 22 Minutes


Watch the Video With 22 Minutes

Finding Treasure / Climbing Mountains


       Listen With Windows Media Player (17 second delay) 35 Minutes

Watch the Video With Windows Media Player 35 Minutes



Keeping Your Life on Target

   Listen With Windows Media Player 33 Minutes

Watch the Video With Windows Media Player 33 Minutes



Keeping your Life on Target &

Finding Treasure/Climbing Mountains DVD & Audio Discs


Target: Listen With Windows Media Player 33 Minutes


Treasure: Listen With Windows Media Player (17 second delay) 35 Minutes


Keeping you Life on Target VHS Tape

Listen With Windows Media Player 33 Minutes

What's So Great About God?

Audio disc


 Listen With Windows Media Player 44 Minutes

Lake Superior Rescue


Listen With Windows Media Player 52 Minutes (1.14.06)

God's Heart for Saving & Equipping People Audio disc

Listen With Windows Media Player 46 Minutes

Trusting God in Tough Times Audio Disc

Ginger Loosenort


Listen With Windows Media Player 56 Minutes



Real Faith

This 24-lesson discipleship process has been used by thousands of people around the country. Many pastors who have desired to become intentional in disciple-making have found Real Faith to be a great pathway for their staff and volunteers.

2 pg Intro             Lesson 2


Click Here to Watch the 4 minute promo video w/ Windows Media Player


This four-step discipleship process (25 lessons total) begins with the basics and equips people for a life-time of ministry. Those who go through the process are equipped to disciple someone else.

Jesus: Fact or Fiction

Have you ever had questions about faith you couldn't find answers for? Or has anyone ever asked you a question about your faith that left you speechless?

Jesus: Fact or Fiction also includes the classic JESUS film with fascinating new audio commentary and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. Plus, the "Discovery Glass" ,an interactive version of the JESUS film, enables you to gain insight from experts while you watch



The items above are just a sample of some of the tools that we use at CRU.


To order any tools that have been recommended to you, please visit "www.LifeBuildersNET.org" and choose "resources" on the left.


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