Peace Church of Middleville MI and LifeBuilders of West Michigan

Shooting Adventure March 19, 2005


  *For the QuickTime videos, you'll need free software from Apple, a super fast internet connection and quick computer.  If you know of a better way to stream these, please contact Randy.  Please be patient as the photos are all around 2 MB.

14.4 MB QuickTime video of Zeb Truer shooting Will Murphy's Flintlock


5 MB QuickTime video of Greg Niemeier Skeet Shooting with son Brad

6 MB QuickTime video of Brad Freiberg shooting .22 Pistol


8.7 MB QuickTime video of Rich Freiberg shooting .22 Pistol

10 MB QuickTime video of Adam Gentry shooting .22 Pistol

11 MB QuickTime video of Rich & Brad Freiberg shooting .22 Pistol

15 MB QuickTime video of Adam Gentry shooting his 1st shotgun

Will Murphy and his vintage "Flintlock"

Will Murphy shooting his vintage "Flintlock"

Kurt Loosenort & Doug Truer.  Thanks Doug for letting us shoot on your property!

Lots of fun in the cold!


The Boonstra kids (Doug's neighbors) and more

Rich & Brad (shooting) Freiberg

Greg (dad) Jeffrey Micah & Jordan Niemeier

Doug Buckowing & Dan Lin

Rich Freiberg .22pistol & Doug Buckowing

Brad Freiberg, Kurt Loosenort

 & dad Rich

Rich Freiberg .22pistol

Marty Anderson Running
Skeet Station

Marty Anderson Running
Skeet Station

Neimeiers at Skeet Station








Peace Church of Middleville called Kurt in January 2005.  They were interested in putting on a "Wild Game Dinner" and needed a speaker. 


When we met with Pastor David Korsen and Doug Truer, we shared how LifeBuilders can partner with their church for long term Discipleship and not just "have another event".


Since then they had:


The Wild Game Dinner on February 19th


A follow up discipleship potluck on March 6


A shooting adventure w/ dads & kids interested in discipleship on March 19


Peace Church had several attend the March 19, Ada Men's breakfast and also Accelerated Equipping.


Thank you to all who were praying for these events and steps of faith for Peace Church!  We are looking forward hearing about how God is working in and through these individuals.