Mon 8/8/2005 7:59 PM

Thank you for praying. Here are some answers:

1. GOD’S WORD, ALIVE AND HELPING GREATLY, ( open eyes and heart...)

2..GOD CONTINUES TO CHANGE LIVES, (Pastor Tom, Kelly and Jim, Ada Bible men...)

3. SPECIAL ENCOURAGEMENT AND BLESSING,( Roof, medical, friends, family)

4. UPDATE ON HEALING PROCESS... ( D- to a D...still very tough...)

5. PLANS, Seeking Him and “Survival Mode”,, Aug 10 -19?

       I am so thankful for calls or notes from some of you, and sorry that my “survival mode” has so limited my return calls.


Jesus and the heroes of our faith spoke the living word of God

when they faced temptation and trials. At times lately, it seems like God’s word has had a spotlight and magnifying glass on it. Revelations 1- 6 show me John, whom Jesus loved,

a prisoner in exile, isolated from all those he loves, unable to do anything.

He could have given up, muttering, “Where is this abundant life you promised?”

But as John worships in the Spirit, despite his extreme limitations,

God reveals Himself in amazing ways to John. When I think of the millions of lives touched by just one verse of Revelations, (3:20, Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come into him, and have fellowship with him.)

I’m so glad John focused on God, worshipped God, stayed open to God’s revelation...

This stirs me deeply to consider the tremendous effect that worship has on my lifestyle, marriage, family, ministry, even fun. It warns me that all these areas suffer when my distractions or disappointments obscure my openness to God. The greatest gift I can give those I love is to show how great it is to have a friendship with God characterized by His continued revelation in and through my life. Ephesians 1:17 -20... I pray that God will grant you a spirit of revelation..... that the eyes of your heart might be opened... Also Eph 3:16-20 and Colossians 1:9-12..

It encourages me to see that some of God’s greatest revelations came during people’s greatest tribulations. Most of Paul’s greatest insights were written from a prison.


Pastor Tom Bradley, Westwood Church, will be training 10 leaders with “ Destined” who will each be teaching the concepts to others in a  variety of ways. He has a strategy for implementing the concepts into every facet of the church during the next two years. What a pioneer of faith about the great commission!

Kelly and Jim went through an intensive “Breakthrough “ seminar this weekend which she described as “priceless” in its impact in their lives.

TJ said his first mentoring time with Scott was “ supernatural.”

Ada Bible Men’s Ministry has invited me to share a message at their shooting event Sept. 17, “Keeping Our lives on target.”

Calvary Church Men’s Ministry continues to seek wisdom for their fall strategy to build disciples and reach men for Christ.


 ROOF, Last week, we hired our friend Andy Cole’s Roofing Company to just “get it done” while we were out of town. They did an excellent job! Some people have expressed interest in helping with the costs of their labor. If you are one of them, e- mail,  write or call Ginger, and she will explain the “roofing fund.”

Last year several people pledged funds for materials, discounted materials, and volunteer help for the leaky roof of our present home. But the volunteers gave so much time to the siding on our former house last year that we had to wait until more were available this year. We’re so thankful to have this done since I’ve not even kept up with basic chores for several months, much less able to oversee volunteers.

Two weeks ago, friends sent some money for medical costs during the very week we had paid hundreds for medical expenses not covered by insurance. Thank you so much!

Last week we camped in Ludington with friends and family of the Gallaghers and Bonneys. Seeing God at work in His creation and in these wonderful friends greatly encouraged us.

Rosa was with us for much of the time and added to the blessings.

4.HEALTH UPDATE: Still tough... See Dr. Pedtke at Born Clinic again Aug 9

I have moved from a “D- to a D”. The bacteria count must still be high,

after 3 weeks of some rest and antibiotic, and nutritional treatment,

Victories: +Discipline, shutting down the “keep pushing” machine...(slept til 3 pm July 22)

+Have been able to say “No” to just about everything in order to boost immunity.

 (Even when camping w/ friends, rested til 4:30pm Aug.5) ßThis is the hardest part for me.

+A little less pain in arms and joints, a little less nausea and dizziness.

+ Have had some pleasant times with friends and family in between “survival cocoons.”

Realities: -Still so exhausted, woozy, weak, nauseated at times that I often feel “feeble.” When I exert myself even a little, I often pay a big price. +I have been able to trust and seek God despite lots of losses. -But discouragement is a battle, especially as I see significant opportunities for ministry, tasks, or even fun, fade away.

PLANS; Seeking Him and More “Survival cocoon” Aug 10 - 19?

After seeking counsel from Dr. Pedtke and others in medical / spiritual areas Aug. 9,

and getting some essential things done, I need to find a place to once again isolate, rest, be refreshed, giving God room to heal as He sees fit.  On Aug 16 or 19 I’ll seek more counsel about my next steps. I hope.... to be able to have a few essential appointments Aug 22-26,

and hope.... to begin to  phase back into a few ministry essentials Aug.29 –Sept 3.

Jesus Christ is the real issue.  He can heal in an instant or a lifetime. Only a few things really matter. This  attack is another “warning shot over my bow.” This is not our home.

We have an enemy. We won’t be here forever. What an opportunity for me to get refocused on Him and really healthy NOW, rather than full of regrets later.

I am truly grateful to serve and enjoy God with you,